Water recreation in the Land van Cuijk

Water recreation in the Land van Cuijk


Water recreation on the Maas river and in different recreational lakes

Would you like to relax on and around the water? That is also possible in the Land van Cuijk area. The river Maas flows on the eastern border of the Land van Cuijk, but elsewhere in the region there are also attractive ponds and lakes where you will find the possibility to swim, sail and surf.

Anyone who is sailing the Maas by boat can easily moor at one of the marinas. In order to spend one or more days in the Land van Cuijk. There are harbors in Boxmeer, Cuijk and Linden (Kraaijenbergse Plassen) and Grave. Usually there is enough space for people who are passing by. At the marinas you will find more information about what can be experienced in the Land van Cuijk

Recreational lakes
The Land van Cuijk also has a number of recreational lakes. The best known are De Kraaijenbergse Plassen in Linden, De Kuilen in Mill en the Radioplassen in Stevensbeek.