Maasheggen Unesco


Cycling and strolling through Maasheggen UNESCO

De Maasheggen area is the oldest cultural landscape in the Netherlands. There is no area in Europe where nature, landscape, economy and culture are so visibly intertwined with such an impressive history. As a result, the Maasheggen has been granted the status of UNESCO Man & Biosphere. The only one in the Netherlands with this unique title.

Why should you visit the (area map) Maasheggen?

Five reasons:

1. Nature as you rarely see it
De Maasheggen area is the most extensive hedge landscape in the Netherlands.

2. You will find lots of impressive history
De Maasheggen area includes an important settlement from Roman times: the former Ceuclum, which is now known as the current Cuijk.

The oldest monastery in the Netherlands, which is still inhabited is the Monastery Sint Agatha, it is located in the middle of the beautiful Maasheggen area. The monastery now functions as a heritage center for Dutch monastery life.

The Castle of Boxmeer tells the story of the rich history of the town Boxmeer. It was a refuge for wealthy Catholics during the time of the Reformation.
The impressive sluizencomplex, is located in Sambeek, a small village next to Boxmeer. This was built to make the river Maas more navigable for ships. Come and enjoy the ships pass by or take a tour here with one of our Greeters to learn more about the impressive engineering behind this complex. 

3. It is great for cycling and walking 
The Maasheggen area is ideal for a day of cycling or a walk through nature. The Via Valentiniana, runs from Maashees to Cuijk, it is a cycle path that largely follows the route of the former Roman Road  You will also find the international Maasfietsroute which is absolutely worth the cycling. There are also three stages of the uniqueMaaspad which run (partly) through the beautiful Maasheggen area.

4. Water is always close
Wherever you are in the Maasheggen area, water is never far away. This also applies to the northern part of the Maasheggen area, which is beautifully situated on the De Kraaijenbergse Plassen, an impressive watersports area of ​​(inter)national allure.

5 . Traditions still counts 
The Maasheggen Hedges are still braided in this area like they used to be all those centuries ago. This special craft was added to the Dutch list of cultural (non material) heritage a few years ago.

Every year on the second sunday in march the Dutch Championship of Maasheggenvlechten will take place. 

More information about de Maasheggen area check, or watch this video.