Land van Cuijk

Welcome! to Land van Cuijk

Do you appreciate historic buildings, unique museums and special religious heritage sites? Or do you prefer major cultural events that attract national and international visitors?
Do you enjoy taking to the water? Or are you looking for a quiet walk in a forest or along characteristic hedgerows?

Experience what A Good Life in Land van Cuijk means.
Come visit our beautiful region and enjoy everything we have to offer!

Land van Cuijk has it all!

We are famous for:

  • The most besieged fortified town in the Netherlands: Grave
  • One of the oldest and most important Roman settlements: Cuijk
  • The oldest, still inhabited monastery in the Netherlands: Sint Agatha
  • The Maasheggen (the Maas Hedgerows) UNESCO biosphere reserve - the oldest cultural landscape in our country that covers the area between Cuijk and Vierlingsbeek
  • The beautiful tree-lined banks of the river Maas that meanders through our region, from Grave to Maashees
  • The largest and most important WO II museum in the Netherlands: Overloon
  • The varied countryside and nature, such as in Sint Anthonis
  • Impressive Dutch castles in unique surroundings: Mill
  • And last but not least… Een Goei Leven (A Good Life): Hospitable local people who enjoy looking after each other and a widely shared value for tasty and honest food that‘s grown and produced locally with passion