Museums and art


Would you like to know more about the history of the Land van Cuijk? About the Roman past, the medieval period, the religious heritage and the post-war history? Or are you curious about why the Land van Cuijk was the scene of numerous wars? Then visit one of the museums in the Land van Cuijk.

Sculpture garden Cuijk

Right next to the impressive church in Cuijk you will find the Sculpture Garden on a former cemetery. This Sculpture Garden contains more than 25 works of art, 21 of which are part of a changing exhibition. Visual art can be found here in various shapes, colors and materials. Artists from all over the country and even abroad show their work here.

Next to this Sculpture Garden is a Heemtuin, with a wide variety of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees (about 350 pieces) which have been found in the gardens of the houses in the Land van Cuijk during the last 150 years. In addition, one can also find the Cultural Center Pakhuis, a former shed for the storage of tobacco leaves for the Kansas cigar factory. This center regularly hosts exhibitions by local artists.
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Visitor center Zuiderwaterlinie

Surrounded by cows, walking through the water, in the old town hall of Grave? It may sound strange, but it is possible in the visitor center of the Zuiderwaterlinie: a nice mini-museum, next to the renewed Tourist Information. Interactive and informative elements allow you to get to know the Zuiderwaterlinie.
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Heritage Center of the Monastery of Saint Agatha

In part of the monastery, the Heritage Center for Dutch Monastery Life has been located since 2006, which preserves the archives, books and objects of more than 100 orders and congregations. The center organizes changing exhibitions about monastic life.
Within the monastery walls is one of the best preserved monastery gardens in the Netherlands, which dates back to the 18th century. Walkers are welcome to visit the garden daily, between sunrise and sunset.
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Art in the Church Velp

The 'Kunstkerkje' (Little art church) is a place where local, regional and sometimes nationally known artists exhibit. All art expressions are discussed during the year: from ceramics to graphic work, from photos to wood carvings. Musically there is also a wide range: from classical chamber music to jazz, from singer-songwriter to world music.
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Museum Ceuclum Cuijk

View Cuijk's rich Roman past in this museum. Here you can admire models of the temple, the fort and the Maas bridge. There are also many Roman objects on display, including a pair of leather shoes that have been preserved in the water for centuries. In addition to the Roman era, the museum also shows other periods in Cuijk's history. For example, stone arrowheads of 10,000 years old can be seen! You will also find traces of the Middle Ages and the New Age here. Because the museum is located in the medieval tower of the Martinuskerk, you can climb all the way up and enjoy the beautiful view over Cuijk, the Maas and the landscape. That alone makes a visit worthwhile.
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War Museum Overloon

Come and experience for yourself which dilemmas the war entailed. Visit the Great Hall to see the enormous amount of military equipment needed to liberate the Netherlands. Of course, special attention in the main hall is devoted to the Battle of Overloon during the Liberation in 1944. The War Museum Overloon is therefore also a monument to the fallen on this Battlefield. The Overloon War Museum is interesting for all ages and worth a visit even in bad weather. In the Museumcafé you can eat and drink well and there is also a nice shop. You will not soon forget a visit to the Overloon War Museum! (Watch video)

Cycle straight through the War Museum
The War Museum in Overloon is the first and (nowadays) the only museum in the world that you can cycle right through. You must experience that!
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